Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome to the Evolution of the Mixed Tape

This blog is dedicated to showcasing the new finetune embedded player, one of the best ways to share your favorite music with the world.

The embedded player is a Flash based interface that allows finetune members to embed their playlists in their personal pages such as blogs or MySpace accounts. The player not only streams high quality audio, but also displays the album art!

This is a sneak preview of the embedded player, we hope you have fun with it.

It's a music player. So what?

The finetune player is for the real music lover. There are no flashy equalizers or trippy animations, just the music and the art. Your music comes through in high quality sound, it's like having a digital radio station playing nothing but your favorites.

Technical Features of the Finetune player

  1. Can play any finetune playlist. It also allows you to switch between all of the playlists the member has created.
  2. Embeddable anywhere using IFrame or Embed Tag syntax from right click menu or the finetune site.
  3. Javascript API using ExternalInterface for controlling players.
  4. LocalConnection network allowing all players on a computer to discover each other and play nicely together.
  5. High quality audio streaming using Flash Media Server.
  6. Stream recovery when connections are lost, or interrupted.
  7. Robust playback tracking.
  8. Interfaces with finetune user accounts from the mother site, saved in SharedObjects.
  9. ...and one more thing, it's only 110 k in size.

What is Finetune?

Finetune is a streaming music recommendation service where users can create playists of their favorite songs and share them with friends. Here's a rundown of some of finetune's features:
  • Type an artist's name, finetune will create a playlist of related songs for you to listen to.
  • Hand pick each song or let finetune auto-complete your playlist with their recommendation technology.
  • Record an audio introduction for each of your playlists, shout out to your friends! (coming soon)
  • Explore the finetune community - browse artists, users, playlists and more.
  • Listen to professionally managed playlists spanning today's most popular terrestrial radio formats.
  • Buy downloads, related products and services.
  • Upload custom images for your playlists

The Recommendation Engine.

Imagine you're listening to John Coltrane... What should play next?

Sounds like a simple enough question to answer... until you ask a couple people and get wildly different answers. The recommendation engine uses 7 years of accumulated listener data, almost 100 Million listener hours and 13,000 user created playlists to find the next great tune.

Will you get the perfect playlist every time? Nope, and that is because music is subjective. But then again, half the fun is finding new music!